This, is the story of you...

your friendship | Your ROMANCE | Your love  

captured as timeless art

FROM THat first "YES!", TO THE DAY YOU SAY YOUR VOWS, relive your love through the pages of your wedding album and as artwork throughout your home.

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My name is Giovanni, though everyone calls me Gio. I’ve been happily married for almost 10 years and have 2 rambunctious boys. They keep us busy, though I wouldn’t have it any other way. My passion for photography started when I received my first camera when I was 8 years old -- a Polaroid 600 instant film camera. From that moment, I was always the friend who brought his camera everywhere. I expressed that passion as a yearbook photographer in high school, took portraits of friends, and went on to take photography classes in college.

Twelve years ago, I traveled to Puerto Rico to attend my best friend’s wedding. The day before the wedding their photographer fell through and they asked me to step in. Although I was very comfortable with photography, I had never photographed a wedding and felt the stress and the importance of that day. The responsibility terrified me. Amid the nervousness and chaos, I found that it wasn’t just the photography that I loved, it was the experience of documenting their love. It was a great honor to be present for such an important day in someone’s life. To be the one to capture that for them made it exponentially more meaningful.
Twelve years and many weddings later, my love for the experience has only grown.

My Story

what we do

Our mission is to tell YOUR story. We capture the essence of your relationship by documenting your friendship, your romance, and your love. Your story is then turned into awe-inspiring artwork in the form of an amazing wedding album.

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Collections start at $2500 and there are options to include a wedding album, engagement session, and/or bridal session. We would love to setup a meeting to walk you through our options and hear all about your big day. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule your meeting. 

This, is the story of You. Your love for one another and your families joining together. The day your new family begins. We'll capture those moments and feelings through breathtaking and evocative Images. Your beautiful wedding album will take you back to the amazing day when your love brought together those you cherish most.



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